Although we don't run in the sand, it's a good January day at 79 degrees!

12.5 mi. And for my first long run of the year, allow me to start at 1:00pm and bring no running for the past few days to the table!  I met Chiara, Stanton and Charlotte at Loggerhead Park, they were very prompt and ready to go. I wore a tank top, and at the last moment before we started I thought to use sunscreen.  That’s when Charlotte said her dermatologist suggested she was getting too much sun. If that’s the case, I’m in bad shape skin wise!  I did owe my legs a fresh start for 2011, both running and tanning.  I had taken off from running for nearly 3 months from April to July last year, opting only to ride.  That left all skin above my knees white, it was all hidden beneath cycling shorts.  I can’t have that happen, nor would i like an injury to control the nurse-like appearance of my legs, so I will commit to more even tanning.  Oh, and it’s a long run, so I will be getting back into the regiment of three runs, two ride and two swims each week.  Coupled with better eating and a few workouts off the traditional scope of what I do, and I will enjoy a good year.

To good race results and the savage St Tropez tan everyone sings about…

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