This needs work

4mi. After mentally forging into the sprinkle that began the moment I left my home in the car, I go to the track to find very humid conditions but no more rain. I arrived later than usual but was the third person there, following Walter, Paul and another guy. We started with the usual 1 mi warmup, for which I left my shirt on. I figured at 66 degrees, it was ok to go shirtless and I was right.  The workout went like this…

1mi warmup jog
900m w/200m recovery jog
200m w/200m recovery jog
700m w/200m recovery jog
400m w/200m recovery jog
500m w/200m recovery jog
600m w/200m recovery jog
300m w/200m recovery jog
1200m w/200m recovery jog

I stayed near Erica, who runs faster than ever, on as many as I could. I was 10 yards behind her at the finish of the final 1200.  I am rusty and have missed any exercising that makes me breathe this hard.  I need at least two more strenuous things per week, maybe one biking at Dyer or JD park and one tempo run. Plus I  have to add the swimming back in 2x per week, and now fix the bike tire…  here’s to 2011.

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