Trying not to be predictable

4 mi Erica was the leader of the group this time, she mixed up the intervals so as not to be outguessed by the group.  Oddly, she chose to include me in what was coming before each interval.. She is faster than I've seen her - I stayed close on most runs, but I predict … Continue reading Trying not to be predictable

Two in a week! Yes!

2000 yards. Another sunny day yields a workout that has me experimenting with the Brenton Ford workout.  I used fins for the kicking and enjoyed the 200yard intervals. Back to multiple swims early in the year... Warmup Set (400y) 2 x [4 x 50 @ 1:20] Main Set (1400y) 5 x [50 easy @ 1:15, … Continue reading Two in a week! Yes!