Don’t shy from the rain.

8 mi.  I arrived at 4:50am to run, right when it started to rain pretty hard, and with a wind from the East at 15mph, it was tough to get out of the car.  Temp was 66, I tried opening to door once, rain and wind flew right in.  I took off my shirt and went out, figuring I already got up, did pushups and situps, what was I going to do now?  I couldn’t drive home to sleep for merely 45 minutes. Off I went. The 2 lap warmup was wet with puddle avoidance the strategy.  Laps 1 & 2 on the bridge were rainy, then it stopped.  The rest of the people started appearing, Carolyn, Teresa and Missy, Randi, some of the guys, John, Atilla, Gary, and a few I don’t know.  Scott showed up later having run the long way around Singer Island again, he ran the cool down lap 2 with me.  Glad I went!

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