Seattle runs

We did two runs while on Spring Break in Seattle. Both were around South Lake Union, which is easily accessible from the city's downtown area. Our first one was John and I on the first morning we woke up. It was cool, I wore a long sleeve and shorts, tucking my hands in the sleeves … Continue reading Seattle runs

Dark again?

7.5 mi.  Charlotte's last showing at this run as a Florida resident is met with a slight breeze and no lights on the bridge at all. She wanted to run on the sidewalk, but I guess wanted someone to talk with even more so she stayed in the street.  Walter departs for NZ today but … Continue reading Dark again?

The Juno-Francisco Marathon

30 mi.  Charlotte had planned to run the SF marathon since the MBA acceptance went through. Thinking she'd already be living on the west coast, her trip to and from Florida wasn't something anyone thought would happen.  As had happened when I ran in Boston, Charlotte woke up very early, under everyone else's radar, and … Continue reading The Juno-Francisco Marathon

School’s out…

5mi. Today the track was full of familiar summer folk that make their best appearances during the "school's out" break. Eileen Turrenne was going well, somewhat dismayed that the workouts were predominately short intervals.  Chiara, Charlotte, Walter and Jon were all there.  Here's how it went. 1 mile warmup jog 100m w/100m recovery 200m w/100m … Continue reading School’s out…