Seattle runs

We did two runs while on Spring Break in Seattle. Both were around South Lake Union, which is easily accessible from the city’s downtown area. Our first one was John and I on the first morning we woke up. It was cool, I wore a long sleeve and shorts, tucking my hands in the sleeves so as notto chill my knuckles. The route goes uphill first, right next to traffic-laden I-5. We went over a local bridge and ran a popular paved trail to the Gasworks, what was left of a power plant. This is where we took the photo of the city…

Running back was easy, round trip it was near 7 miles from Charlotte & Stanton’s apartment.

The second time Charlotte came with us and we ran the same route in reverse direction. Our little South Florida hills do not prepare my legs for the steep Seattle grinds. I didn’t run the steep downtown hills, we did walk on some of them, however…

Always good to get outdoors and experience new places on foot… 


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