One hundred hot ones.

100mi.  Showing up to start at 3:30am makes for a tired ride in the dark.  Anita brought Austin who was the most excited of the three of us to do the century ride.  Charlotte’s last big ride would be on her Specialized Transition.  Big difference, as she was strong in the late miles as we came back down Jupiter Island.  Austin was very motivated to ride, he did very well.  Sometimes he was itchy to go faster, he’d zip up ahead at his pace and wait for us to stay at the steady pace and catch up.  It was dark til the Ft Pierce Old Fort park, then we rode over the bridge and to the end of the inlet to get a full 100 miles for the  day.  We finished in 5h 38 min, not a fast time but good to cover that distance. The breeze was slight and in our face going up and pushing us some coming home. I forgot to put sunscreen on at the turn around stop, so I applied some on the wet skin under the high tension wires. It was not working – I rubbed white sauce on my arms, that’s all.  On the return, I later noticed my legs were well covered by my Garneau shorts, I now have more funny white tan lines on my thighs.  It was hot in the sun coming home… a tailwind didn’t push me as well as I’d like.  My run 24 hrs earlier was a problem I guess on the legs?

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