Short but effective riding

30mi. It was a good day to ride, a deceptive breeze from the northwest that didn’t seem to help us much on the way back.  Going up Jupiter Island, we had the large group ahead of us, which I wanted to avoid joining.  We  stayed behind them, then their group broke apart, so we increased our pace.  Chiara dropped a water bottle unknown to me while I pulled, so Austin and I were soon alone heading up along the ocean. Sal and Suzanne joined us, getting a late start and trying hard to catch the group that pledged to “go long” (60-70mi) today.  We sped up to give them some added draft, knowing we didn’t need as much energy for our short ride.  We stopped and drank/ate at Bridge Rd.  We saw and spoke with Mimi Crosby, she just purchased a GURU custom made bike – that’s a very nice ride! She asked to ride back with us, Paul Reback and two other riders going home to Loggerhead.  Chiara came and reported Charlotte was having mechanical issues with her back wheel.  We found her about 3/4 mi from Bridge Rd and fixed her wheel.  We rode home slightly behind Paul, Mimi and the other two riders.  I’d much rather pull in the breeze than get in line to draft.

I felt good and powerful through the end of the ride.  A week earlier I had no food or carbo pro, I felt tired and winded.  This was a step in the right direction.

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