Long run w/speed

16.5mi. It was an early rise, meeting Chaira, Charlotte and Adrienne at 5 to run to PGA and back before the regular store run.  Chiara stashed bottles of water at PGA & FPL, which was good but then allowed us to take three brief stops instead of just two. This hurt when we arrived at the store so close to 6am that we couldn’t really stop and drink, we barely caught the group leaving for the 10 miles.  Charlotte and I stayed up near the front of the group, talking with Linda, Teresa and Perry. Once at the inlet turnaround, we took a quick break and then picked up a better pace to head back. At the turquoise roofs we did the palm tree sprints, Charlotte’s first try at the end of run intervals thing.  I told her it makes for extra solid napping if you can go all the way back to Donald Ross Rd doing these sprints.

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