Sprinkles too.

7.5 mi. Arriving it was Walter, Dave Reback and I for the warmup.  I was better prepared to start quick, but it did't seem like a big deal today.  Very humid out at 5am.  Paul was an early riser too, he went his island route warmup.  Charlotte arrived in time to do one warmup and … Continue reading Sprinkles too.


This first event at Coral Cove park was a great upgrade on the Running Sports holiday weekend. We based our bikes on our cars as a transition, we had volunteers that helped with water, and timing the athletes.  I swam with Austin and chose to ride my mountain bike so as not to be tempted … Continue reading StealthMan

If at first you don’t remember

22 mi  It gets HOT and humid for run training in South Florida.  We enjoyed a relatively cool winter and spring, temps kept lower than usual especially in the morning when I run.  The heat is back, mid way through May I was reminded how the next 6 months will be.  Charlotte suggested a long … Continue reading If at first you don’t remember