With kicking and straighter arms

2000 yards. This was about me and the borrowed “blunt” fins, trying to concentrate on keeping my arms straighter and hands relaxed but opened to catch more water. I see little improvements, I did more flip turns than usual.  The day turned overcast so no tan or back exposure to direct sun. When I swam in the ocean last Saturday, I was glad to see how well I put myself in the midle of the group between the buoys. It must be working, even if I can only go once a week sometimes.

Warmup Set (400y)
[100 easy, 50 kick, 50 easy, 25 kick, 25 easy] @ 0:20 rest between
each interval
150 kick

Main Set (1300y)
6 x [150 build, 0:10 rest, 2 x 25 fast @ 0:05 rest] @ 4:45
100 choice

Warmdown Set (300y)
2 x [50 swim @ 0:15 rest, 4 x 25 kick @ 0:15 rest]

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