Hotter than I remember!

8 mi. It was 86 degrees and I could not run fast at all. I did some laps solo, two with Scott and one with a guy I've never met before. I made sure I swam under the bridge with Scott and Carolyn after the run, I was soaked and depleted. The lousy showers in … Continue reading Hotter than I remember!

70 miles of heat & wind.

70 mi. This adventure was a group of 6 of us at the beginning, Chiara, Scott H., Stanton, Charlotte and Carolyn. We started at 6:30am from Loggerhead Park. We rode to Bridge Road, where Charlotte, Carolyn and Stanton decided they'd be going to the end of Gomez and turning back. Scott, Chiara and I went … Continue reading 70 miles of heat & wind.