School’s still out.

2000 yards.  New goggles that don't squeeze my eyeballs out!  And a workout with some kicks, with which I cheat and use fins. Warmup Set (200y) 4 x 50 [25 build/25 easy] @ 0:10 rest Main Set (1400y) 7 x [50 easy @ 1:35, 50 moderate @ 1:25, 50 mod-hard @ 1:15, 50 hard @ … Continue reading School’s still out.

Not the right stuff.

5mi. This was a labored workout from the beginning. Having just panted thru the warmup, I definitely felt my left calf was going to have a problem from the first 300m interval. It didn't pop, but it wasn't strong enough to support my going much faster than I did. I ran the warmup and really … Continue reading Not the right stuff.