20 mi. I spun a 19 mph average for the Singer Island circle... going into an 18 mph sustained wind from the east had me slugging at 16, 17, 18 mph up Northlake and over the bridge.  Coming home with the wind, I was going an easy 23-25 mph.  I finished one water bottle on … Continue reading Wind-ee!

My own lane is not a luxury.

2000 yards.  I expect my own lane! Today only three other guys were swimming. I used the sunscreen and felt very good freestyling and kicking with the fins. Most of the intervals were 150, 100 and 50s. Warmup Set (400y) 100 kick easy @ 0:10 rest, 100 kick moderate @ 0:10 rest, 50 kick easy … Continue reading My own lane is not a luxury.