70 miles of heat & wind.

70 mi. This adventure was a group of 6 of us at the beginning, Chiara, Scott H., Stanton, Charlotte and Carolyn. We started at 6:30am from Loggerhead Park. We rode to Bridge Road, where Charlotte, Carolyn and Stanton decided they’d be going to the end of Gomez and turning back. Scott, Chiara and I went for the Hutchinson Island route. We passed Sandsprit park and went north, crossing the first of the two bridges. Following the advice of Suzanne and Erica, we went further north and to another steep bridge just shy of the Martin County border. Once on A1-A again, we stopped so Chiara could drink and went to the gas station/tiki hut. We saw others from the north county collecting and refueling their drink bottles. It seemed so calm up in Stuart, we were believing we were not going to face the wind all the way home. WRONG! We were fed to a healthy breeze the whole ride back! Along the railroad tracks, the wind was very tough, the three of us switched on and off pulling. It became very windy again in the exposed area by Corla Cove park. Upon finishing, I saw we had 69.3 miles, so we rode to Donald Ross Rd to finish our 70 miles. The three of us were very spent at the park, we rode to the picnic tables and just poured ourselves off the bikes and onto the lawn to rest. It was as if we were too tired to get the water, shower, visit our car, etc. Nice day on the wheels!

Scott, Chiara and I post ride. Look at those swaying palm trees, wind, wind, wind!

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