36mi.  Our intent was to do a 50 mile ride… strong SE winds had everyone reconsidering that decision right after we arrived at Loggerhead park to start. Stanton, Charlotte, Chiara, Adrianna and a new rider Cole made up our group. Adrianna made the “I’m back but out of cycling shape claim”, which lasted for about 6 miles before her true competitiveness and talent rose up. We went well with some tailwind up to Bridge Rd, stopped to drink, then rode to the end of Gomez Rd’s newly paved straightaway. Turning around, the wind started peeling away our pace. I pulled, Chiara pulled, Adrianna pulled, Charlotte pulled for Stanton and Cole was on his own.  We returned on Jupiter Island’s West road, keeping a high pace considering the wind. Adrianna’s pulls were the strongest at 23+mph. We alternated and chased down a few single riders. What is usually my task – leading thru the open and exposed area near Coral Cove park was now an open blast of speed. Adrianna singled out a lone rider, caught us up to him, and passed the pull to me. Ugh! I gave it back half way thru trying to keep our lead above this lone rider.  Our speed was 24+ leading towards the intracoastal bridge. Adrianna said later on that she saw my wheel close to hers behind, thought it was the other guy catching her so she sped away. It was really me, and we sizzled passed the blinking light, the end of the cycling lane and over the bridge. It was a good test against the wind.  Once back at Loggerhead park, we ran 2 miles, the final one I chased Scott Hicks but never was able to match his pace.  Still, that brief one mile effort made me feel good vs, the slow long run I had done yesterday.

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