As patient as can be.

16mi. I started running in the dark with Scott Richards and Mimi Chen. We used a new route, Ellison Wilson Rd to PGA for the first 6 miles, choosing to come back on US-1 and use the water stop at FPL. That was ok, slow pace and dark for the whole route. Once at the store we ran the usual 10.5 loop, I stayed with Suzanne and Scott again, slowly ticking off a 1 hour and 52 minute time for the 10.5 miles.  It was hot, and it felt like I was going way too slow. It was good to have pushed that many miles on a warm morning – next time I’ll have to run a better pace to keep it more productive even if it is hot.  After, we swam in rough seas, I did one lap between the buoys.

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