The sky is falling. Not.

Vision Airways Jet on patrol

8 mi.  An eventful bridge run started alone at 4:55am. There was no breeze, I thought I should ride on days like this! I did my first four miles on the bridge alone, seeing only Adrienne and Angie on the sidewalk after 3 laps. To start lap 5, Gary, Eileen and Atilla were beginning their run. The fast peppy group I figured, let me stay with them. Even their first lap was quick. I found my breathing labored to keep pace, as they talked among each other comfortably. I stayed right with them for my final two miles, but it was tough on the lungs! Scott and Carolyn ran their 3-4 laps and joined in the idea of jumping off the dock to cool off. At least Scott did. We showered off at the far shower, the closer one still being out of order.  A community of homeless people now hang under the bridge, I wouldn’t leave my goodies there to swim knowing that!  Right as some of us were getting ready to leave, we noticed a large jetliner, 757 was my guess, flying over the Singer Island condos. It didn’t go over land, it kept turning, maneuvering and circling. We guessed it may have been dumping fuel over the ocean to attempt a landing on the foamed runway of PBI… not so.   After looking for breaking news on the iPhones and AM radio, we discovered that it was a Vision Airways jet cleared by the FAA to do these turns and such all day for filming purposes. At least many of us were alert enough to notice that this type of flying and the route the plane was taking were not normal.  Just in case it appeared to anyone else we were witnessing something special and unusual!

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