This feels normal again

Charlotte and myself post run.

13 mi. Today was the Palm Beach County Ocean Mile Swim – great, but I ran instead looking to strengthen my legs and lungs in the mid summer heat.  I ran 3 with Charlotte before the group, then the usual 10 with the Running Sports Group at 6am.  I missed the start due to a nice line at the men’s room, but with the relaxed pace I was going, it didn’t matter much. I feel in shape physically, but breathing does seem lacking.  Maybe neighborhood runs when it’s hot after dinner will help cure that!  I have pressed harder as Dr Larivee instructed, maybe experiencing only mild soreness on the affected side, but no real issues on the healing leg. Charlotte and Scott Richards ran all the way back from the Inlet to the store with me.  A prearranged mountain bike trip with some of John’s friends to Miami had me opt out of an ocean swim at Loggerhead Park today – I’ll catch up during the week…

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