Bridges count, even when I go slooooow!

8mi. Today's run was actually perfect weather for the ride, not as much so for the running. It was so dead still, the sweat began for me on the 1 mile warmup - Chiara and Scott came along for the 5am start.  I ran my 6 laps with Scott, who went slow enough thankfully as … Continue reading Bridges count, even when I go slooooow!

Lazy lap slapping

2000 yards. I was so tired, I think the water woke me up to some extent. I was glad to see that today's workout on the SwimFaster app was all short intervals... Warmup Set (300y) [100 easy, 50 kick, 50 easy, 25 kick, 25 easy] @ 0:20 rest between each interval 50 choice Main Set … Continue reading Lazy lap slapping