It’s always 86 now for the start?

8mi. I watched John Reback zoom past me going a a 6 min mile pace, sweat some and had a moment to shower off.  And I notice, every morning I come here it's 86 degrees.  Lats year, 82. What's happening?  I ran the first lap slower than usual, alone. And all the rest of 'em … Continue reading It’s always 86 now for the start?

Kinda quiet now

2000 yards. This is what happens when the school starts up again... many empty lanes and cooler water. Today I did this workout, fun 100s and good flip turns on some of them... Warmup Set (300y) 200 build by 50s @ 4:45, 2 x 50 @ 1:10 Main Set (1400y) 14 x [4 x 25 … Continue reading Kinda quiet now