The North Forty

IMG_4485.JPG40mi. A perfect clear day to ride! We started at 1:15pm, it was in the 80s but not terribly humid. Our mood was high having slept late, I borrowed one of Jessica’s water bottles since I forgot to pack one. We rode well heading north, into a wind that slowed us some but we kept near 20mph most of the way. Coming back from Loblolly neighborhood and back down Gomez Road, it wasn’t obvious that we were riding “with the wind.” At the Hobe Sound Bridge, skinnied to one lane due to construction, we saw the flag blowing in a most favorable direction for us – straight south. Some of the time on Jupiter Island we felt a benefit from the wind, other times I beleiev the trees or houses shielded us from getting the tailwind. In the “windtunnel” section by Coral Cove Park, Jessica really rode strong leading me towards the Jupiter Island Bridge. We caught the US-1 Tequesta Bridge in the up position, so once that opened we rode straight down US-1 instead of turning through traffic onto the beach road. All the way back we rode strong, finishing with a one mile brick run around the pond. What a great workout for a Sunday for both of us!

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