???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????12 repeats of 400m with Erica in the Mallory Creek area. She has others that do these workouts with her, but their time to taper for the Miami 70.3 race is now. I arrived at her parking lot at 5:25, we did a warmup jog to the run area and met Alicia and Harold, they were each doing their own “Stan” prescribed workout. We had a straight line empty road with which to run the intervals, well lit and smooth. Our first ones were 1:22 min, fastest was 1:20. There was a slight breeze, we went a second or two faster with the wind but I doubt it was really blowing us. I liked running into the breeze even better. I had good breathing, we did the intervals on 3:00, so the half on/half off again timing was enough for me to recover. I was glad we weren’t doing timed miles!

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