Stop droppin’ stuff

20 mi.  A Wednesday ride to just past Lantana Ritz Carlton made good for my legs. On the ride, I tried to clip a flashing light on Suzanne’s rear bottle cages and it snapped the cheap plastic clip. The Nathan lights work well, have regular AAA batteries, but that clip is really only made to endure clothing, not hard goods. I tossed that on a neighbor’s lawn, only to return later to clean it up and bring it to Suzanne’s house.  She dropped her white and pink Oakleys while attempting to put them on, just south of Lake Worth bridge road. I scooped them off the road, luckily two cars that passed by them did not run over the glasses. I pulled in almost no breeze almost all the way back heading north, with no speedometer I knew we were 21.5mph or better. Suzanne relayed speed to me on the way south, and we were definitely going faster heading home.

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