Someone else’s recovery day

8mi I ran the warmup 1st lap alone, second was with Paul. For the first four bridges, I stayed with Megan and Missy, yapping about all of the local 5k races that are seemingly every weekend in our area. Megan won the last 5k in Carlin Park on Saturday, with a 19:35 time. I’d consider training more in earnest for those races, if I want to December is when that happens for the January show at Komen Race for the Cure. Adrienne, Kylan and Lanae came later and ran the sidewalk, Lanae being the only MiamiMan participant that showed up for bridge run. She said her legs were ok, some tightness in the calves but mostly her cycling leg muscles were sore. I felt good running up and down, Megan guarantees a good pace so bridge workouts are helping my fitness.

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