Be Quick or miss out

7mi. Arriving about 5 minutes late due to unreasonable traffic lights all the way to the bridge, I was met with John stretching in the street. He’s never there befoe me! A few of the girls were in the parking lot, stating they already ran the warmup mile and were ready to hit the hill. I lose.

We ran 6 miles with an easterly wind coling us in 76 deg temps. John peeled off and ran with Steve once he arrived, I staed with a few of the girls, most were rolled in talk about the Ohio State NCCAF victory. I saw most of the game but turned it off in the 4th qtr when it seemed out of reach. I held in some feelings of a mid-run bathroom break, but went before I ran the cooldown with Francie Jefferson. I stayed and listened to her and Steve talk about “two a days” and their training. Steve says he feels the benefits of running twice in the same day and even 12 hours the evening before the double up days. Doing 70 miles a week as a 55 year old is different than when you are in your 20s.

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