First 50 for Jess.

51 miles. We leave with the idea of going far – I hope we are both feeling ready when we hit Bridge Rd, that’s the “point of no return” for going 30 or beyond it… courageously of course!

We stop at the Lighthouse Park to see Kylie and Rachel at a lacrosse practice. It’s nice to show up and surprise them, and we don’t lose time since it’s right on the way.

We ride well up the Jupiter Island road to Bridge Rd, keep going across the bridge to Gomez, past the Loblolly turnaround – it’s happening! Jessica will do her furthest ride this afternoon. She is going very well, we probably averaged 19mph into a wind. She has great command in places many riders get shaky – over the tracks, on the skinny section of Dixie Hwy, and among the cars and traffic circles in Port Salerno. I am proud of her, this is really cool to go this far at a good pace with a training partner like Jessica!

A half mile before Sandsprit Park, I get a rear tire flat. I ride is dead to the park rather than try to repair it on the roadside. This is good for Jess to see the whole removal, tire checking and reinstallation process. I find a metal staple or fragment dug deep into the tire, that had to be the culprit. A quick break, snack, refill of my bottle and we are off heading home.

It’s a different story as our speed on Dixie Hwy heading south is 24-25mph. We sizzle all the way to Bridge Road and opt to take Jupiter Island home instead of potentially crowded US-1. Fast is the word, we take advantage of two things – the wind at our backs and the great feeling of doing 50 miles + together with no problems short of the quick flat repair. Our preference is to stay on US-1 and avoid the Guanabanas area, so we speed south and cross at the shopping center near Indiantown Rd. Once back on Beach Road, we make a good effort to finish strong. At the house, it’s 51 miles done, time to stretch, down a protein shake and quick change for mass. What a great ride and feeling of accomplishment!

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