7mi. I am not feeling cold as I arrive, temp was 55 at home and now 58 at the bridge. Only Paul is there, he chats a bit about an upcoming 10k he’s doing this weekend. We also spoke about Erica winning the Race For The Cure.

Both Jens show up at the same time, followed by Regina and her friend. I run one warmup 1/2 mile and everyone is already heading to the hill. My arms are cold, the wind is noticeably cold and from the west. I hope I warm up!

The moon is as close to full as it can be. It dips in the sky and behind the Marina Grande building as I do my 1/2 mile cool down jog. It will be wonderful to see tonight – completely full at just after 6pm.

We do the 6 miles, I am cold all the laps running westward. I do warm up under the sleeveless shirt I wore, but my arms never feel good. My fingers, surprisingly are not chilled.

Theory – My whimpy hands and fingers are cured. The forearms are my new receptor of cold!

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