Breezy bridge run feels good.

7mi.  When Paul says it’s a nice winter day for a run, that’s a good sign. I enjoyed a good NE breeze that cooled your back one way and your face the other.  Angie and Chelsea came out early to do some hills, Chelsea having been here before seemed unfazed by the up  and down, Angie said on lap #4 her quads were on fire. I ran slow and made sure to think about how running slow on a hill feels. My inclination would be to charge up a hill like that in the race, but keeping myself moving forward is the goal. I plan to hike some hills and descents in Pine Mountain, this will serve as my Galloway breaks. I didn’t do the cool down to get back in time to make John’s lunch.  Driving home on Northlake is turning into a no-no, way too many red lights off sync all he way home,

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