Dyer Park tired legs run

11mi.  I could have filled a backpack with weights and given that a whirl around the beach road, but I figured the roots, ruts and gravel of Dyer Park’s trail system would be the answer. I was trying to press tired legs from yesterday’s long 5 1/2 hrs. into service, which wasn’t a problem. I started later, 9am, and chose to run a perimeter lap around the park first, then do the hill trail, then another perimeter lap using the single track course. There was a a breeze to help with the sun and heat, maybe 5 degrees cooler than usual, it was 82 at the finish. I put arch inserts into the Trail run shoes, that should help alleviate the footbed issue I experienced yesterday at mile 17-21. I used a different camelbak system, John’s that wound tightly against my waist and could be adjusted easily while running.  Maybe I could just wear a bottle and carry one too in between aid stations?  This was a good morning to do the trail run, no bikes out yet and easy to park, run, and have the car safe.

Garmin report

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