Trail running on Sunday

6.5 mi. I ran the trails of Dyer park with Austin. It was warm but with a breeze. We started with a jog from the model airplane strip to the far side of the soccer fields and around to the entrance gate, then a run back into the park. We ran the hill trail last, … Continue reading Trail running on Sunday

Dyer Park tired legs run

11mi.  I could have filled a backpack with weights and given that a whirl around the beach road, but I figured the roots, ruts and gravel of Dyer Park's trail system would be the answer. I was trying to press tired legs from yesterday's long 5 1/2 hrs. into service, which wasn't a problem. I … Continue reading Dyer Park tired legs run

Sunday trail run

approx 7-8 mi. I drove to Dyer park and Suzanne rode the mountain bike around the outskirts of the park as I looked to test out the Nathan Endurance hydro pack and Saucony Pro Grid Peregine run shoes. Good results on both products.  We parked at the mini remote control airstrip, ran the western edge … Continue reading Sunday trail run