Even in the dark

7.1mi.  A trail run following the Stairmaster training went well. My legs were ok to run with, my challenge was low light in the trails that were covered by trees. Suzanne followed on the mountain bike again, I circled the park perimeter and also did the hill. Several years ago the trail on the hill was altered and now I find shortened, it measured 2.5 miles vs the previous 3.1 5k distance. It was adult soccer night, so parking was safe in the large lot by the hill. I revisited my car after circling the park to get my headlamp. It either needs new batteries or I have to buy a brighter lamp. It also pivots to show what’s underfoot, but it wasn’t designed for running so sometimes it fell down, lighting up none of the trail but all of my nose. I should always run the trails with glasses, even if clear. Bugs and spider webs could get in my eyes, tonight I was lucky. I ran a slow pace near the cypress knees section and on the downhill washed out sections of the hill, aware of how bad an ankle sprain would be while training everywhere else is going well.  I can do this same path in reverse to switch things up and change the view.  The Saucony Peregrine trail shoes are comfortable!

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