The dress rehearsal

32mi.  The Garmin reads 31.6 mi., my error in stopping it for a water break and not starting it as soon as I started running again. Walter made the early start with me at 3:20am and he stayed with me for the initial 16 miles. We did not go fast, we averaged maybe 10 min miles or slightly lower.  Breezes were out of the northwest, so coming back to the Running Sports store was better than going down to Ocean Mall on Singer Island. At the store at 6, I met Chelsea and she ran 13.5 with me, congrats to her, I don’t think that was her plan, she went very well today and was a good run companion for those latter miles. Things I remember about this run –

  • The Nathan pack was apparently not tight enough around my mid section, the muscles running up the side of my lower spine are hurting from the water bag slapping and sloshing there for 5.5 hrs.
  • I had two gels, 8 mi and 21 mi.
  • I changed shoes to the Saucony Peregrines at 16, they had lousy footbeds for street running, my feet started feeling radically worse after only 1.5 miles in them.  They adjusted after the 20 mile mark, but the Aasics Gel Nimbus give a MUCH better road ride.
  • I didn’t drink enough carbo pro for the distance I covered.
  • I ate oatmeal before the run but too close to the run, in the car out of a tupperware.  Don’t repeat.
  • I should have eaten a banana too pre run.
  • I left my car key fob in the Running Sports bathroom, good that someone else found it and had it by the register.
  • I ran a 6:40 mile for mile 30.5 – til the end, my last over the bridge and back to the store. Do not expect to see that as my last mile in Atlanta.
  • The headlamp with new batteries was great.
  • I need a good visor like the Classics By the Sea one I used, terrycloth headband built in!
  • Oakley Jawbones did well with clear lenses.
Now I have to run on tired legs as a follow up to this long training exercise.

Garmin stats

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