Sunshine State Half marathon

13.1 mi  Good attendance for a first year event, I tried to put out of my head the thoughts of the full marathon I did just 6 days ago. I found Sal & Suzanne at the start, looks as if 500people showed up, with the majority of them doing the half vs the 5k. The … Continue reading Sunshine State Half marathon

All the chatter is worth it

4 mi.  I ran none of the intervals fast, I was way behind most of the crew I'm usually with, but it's worth it to show up and talk about the race with others who did it and those that wanted to but were out of town or occupied. Paul led a mixture of short … Continue reading All the chatter is worth it

A1A Marathon 2012

26.37 mi.  Keep thinking all week that something special will happen weather-wise, even though all reports on every website say TOO WARM TO DO WELL! They stated 860+ full marathoners and 4500 total racers, this event is growing deservedly so. I left home at 3:45am with Walter, drove to the usual $5 parking lot East of … Continue reading A1A Marathon 2012