Learn a new lesson

4.5 mi  I did a quick half mile parking lot lap with Walter, Teresa and Paul. Those were cautious steps, but I really felt better than after a marathon for a speedy time. Ironically, I showed Paul where the individual bathrooms were... not knowing a mere 2 laps into my run I'd be scrambling to … Continue reading Learn a new lesson

Palms 100

62 mi  The thought of how hot is was supposed to be didn't phase me, I know Florida is this way, and I was confident the heat wasn't going to get me. I did the packet pickup Friday night with Suzanne, a quick in-and-out of the meeting then a dinner at a Zuccharelli's restaurant in … Continue reading Palms 100

Low attendance before”Irish Goofy”

4mi.  The Palm Beach Road Runners have setup a back-to-back race weekend with the annual Shamrock 10 mile race Sat and the newer Spring Training Classic 10k on Sunday. They call participation in both the Irish version of Disney's Goofy Challenge. Because of this weekend of races, I don't think many people wanted to run … Continue reading Low attendance before”Irish Goofy”