18 mi. of mixed intervals

18mi. The final long run on near mileage expired shoes, I started with Steve, Lilia, Chiara and Walter at 5am. A bathroom break in the sea oats bushes outside McDonalds kept me from the group until I met them at the turnaround by PGA Blvd. Once at the store, I took plenty of Accelerade and a gel for the regular loop. I ran with Austin til Marcinski, where Suzanne and Adrienne began their 2 one mile pickups. Eileen Turrenne joined in, refreshed after a several month layoff due to injury. The first mile was 7:20 and the second was 7:00. We ran relaxed to the inlet, drank and ate gels, then looked to keep an 8 min pace back to the store. I think a stiff headwind kept us slower to the turquoise roof water stop, but we picked up after that to be at 7:40, then 7:30, then less than that. Once back at the store, I ran over the bridge with Suzanne who needed one more timed mile to finish her prescribed workout. We went up the bridge at 7:50 pace, but down much faster! I would say the final mile was 7 min or less. This was good as my A1A long run, we’ll see if sprinkling in mile repeats as I’ve done helps out at A1A marathon in two weeks!

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