Like we we knew what was happening

5mi. It's always fun to try and "guess" the workout. A few of us are bold enough to tell others what we think is coming, although we are seldom correct. It's not always symmetrical, it doesn't jive with previous weeks, we really don't know what Paul will offer up week to week. Today we had … Continue reading Like we we knew what was happening

Pre Classics Run

10 mi. I arrived at 5am to Carlin Park, solo this morning after learning Walter was ill with fever and Chiara didn't wake up for my text messages at 4:15am. I first helped Diane Lavado unload cases of water from the rental truck, then headed south. Mostly in the dark except for the final 3 … Continue reading Pre Classics Run

Put some speed back in.

5 mi.  Today was a "symmetrical" workout, same thing done twice to cover 3 miles of intervals.1 mi warmup800m w/200m recovery400m w/200m recovery200m w/200m recovery800m w/200m recovery400m w/200m recovery200m w/200m recovery1000m w/200m recovery1 mi cool downOn one of the latter intervals during the cooldown, Gary was adjusting his watch while running and he ran into me, I was … Continue reading Put some speed back in.

Breezy and early start

8mi. I didn't plan on seeing too many people at the bridge today, but when I sent txt messages to Walter, Chelsea and Angie, they all said it was on their Tuesday plan. Chelsea and Angie had to run earlier than 5 (???) because of their holiday extended hours at the store and re-merchandising that … Continue reading Breezy and early start

Play Lacrosse

5 mi.  The Benjamin School's Lacrosse team shows up very early to practice, first time I've ever seen this - like 6:30am. We ran our workout, many 500s and some longer stretches... 1 mi warmup 300m w/100m recovery 500m w/100 recovery 500m w/100 recovery 400m w/200 recovery 500m w/100 recovery 500m w/100 recovery 500m w/200m … Continue reading Play Lacrosse