Taxing my breath

5 mi. I drove to Erica’s this morning to do a workout of three consecutive timed miles with her. My car goofed up driving there, with the transmission not slipping out of 3rd gear, I was left going 30mph at 3000rpms all the way down Military Trail.

We ran to the Mallory Creek area as a one mile warmup. Three consecutive mile repeats with approximately 3-4 minutes rest up in between. Her workout called for three 6:15 paced miles. We did 6:10, 6:04, 6:06. I was mostly tired from breathing the very warm and thick air. I liked the blast of exertion necessary for three timed miles. I also had to keep wary of very large Palm fronds lying in the road. It’s lit there but there are dark spots and I’m not altogether the best at paying attention during street running.

Erica was happy with her run and glad I stayed right off her shoulder instead of running ahead of her. I drove home and thankfully the car acted normally. Yello flag thrown, there’s something fishy going on in there…

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