Speed with the distance

10.5 miles This morning I wanted to do Erica’s workout since it had progressively more difficult speed intervals at the end. We met at the store at 6a, Everyone must have thought it was to be cold out – I saw long sleeves, run tights, 3/4 crop pants, plenty of hats and not many bare chested guys. I looked at my car temp before going to the group – 71 degrees – that’s no shirt running for me, even in the wind.

We started at most of the prescribed 7:30 pace. The first mile was slower than that, running into the wind. We passed groups along the road and by Marcinski Road,  Erica, myself and Steve, the runner we met a few weeks ago were leading all runners. The faster group of guys were at the Sunshine State race downtown, a windy day on Flagler Drive.

We settled into good pace for the miles leading up to the Inlet. We stopped quick for water at turquiose rooves, and ran strong to the turnaround. I brought a gel and ate that during my restroom break at the Inlet. We ran back towards home and stopped briefly in the grass near Circle K, thenstarted the 6:25 pace for the next 3 miles. I fgelt good in mile 1, keeping that pace or better. Up the slight hill at Carlin Park, Erica wanted to rest her injured back so she and Steve stopped and did each mile as a separate interval. I kept ticking south, finsihing Mile 2 under 6:30 pace. The 3rd mile was tougher, I was breathing harder and coukd have used a quick sip of water at the coolers I passed on the road. My final mile ended right at Marcinski Road’s water fountain, in what I would say was 6:32-6:35 pace.  Erica and Steve weren’t far behind doing there last mile, too. We ran in together slowly for the last mile.

Erica reported to her coach that she tried her best and came close to doingt he workout – he replied by teling her we can redo it next week. Good for me, I can use that sort of interval practice. I do want to do a 16 miler at 7:20 pace as practice before the Miami marathon, too. That’s a good run for me.

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