Saturday on the clock

dave-masterson-run-police-tape16 mi. I came to the store at 5am thinking Austin would be there. He said he put the water coolers out but was too tired to run. I found Seth Kaufman to run with, we went slow in the dark, even though I had the visor clip light. Six miles done before the group 10 miler from the store, including a rest room break at the French Connection bathroom. We saw some of the 5:30 runners near their turn around point and made it back prior to the store run start. Erica had a planned 10 miler at 7:55 pace, so I ran her workout. We kept the right pace, it was dark until the Carlin Park hill. My left achilles area felt stiff in the first few miles, then it went normal. We had a police incident at the Inlet turnaround. A few Sheriff’s vehicles parked at the fisherman’s parking lot, some yellow crime scene tape and a sheriff with a sour attitude met us at the bathroom. I got water, we wer told that the whole area was withi 75 feet of a crime scene and we couldn’t go to the bathroom. Erica questioned him, he gruffed a reply and we left. More of the runners behind us had an even worse experience, apparently the same officer told them they couldn’t even get a drink because one runner wanted to use the rest room and muttered something that angered the deputy. We kept a good pace, seeing slight differences between our garmin readouts. Oh yeah, I wore mine for a change. It warmed up, no real breeze coming back so I was sweaty and tired upon return to the store. The later finishers relayed the story of the police encounter – they said that they were told kids were seen on the beach with guns. Really? Probably a fisherman with a stumpy rod or net contraption. I was satisfied getting in the miles. I made a quick exit to retrun home. John’s CC time trials at Newman were at 9am, so that meant a quick turnaround and dash down I-95 for the school. He ran a 5:32 mile and a 0:59 sec 400m – very good times!

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