Plenty of time on my toes.

20130909-185612.jpg32mi.  I wasn’t looking forward to this one. Saturday run was taken from me as I went to John’s CC meet instead, He did very well, his times keep dropping as I told him they would.  Maybe I’ll train for 5k proficiency, but I don’t have it scheduled for anytime soon! It’s long run time ahead…

I had to wake up at 2:50am to put myself up in Juno Beach to start running at 3:30. I parked at the Marcinski Rd bunker lot, only a Town of Jupiter truck was parked there tending to bathroom cleaning duties. I had a belt bottle with one scoop of Carbo Pro, and a hand bottle with one scoop of EFS powder. I brought a few salt stick plus caffiene pills and my phone in a pouch. Before leaving the house, I put an almond butter and jelly sandwich in a bag for the car, and an extra scoop of both Carbo Pro and EFS in my car for a later refill. I ate a banana on the drive over to Juno Beach. Running started with the visor light on and a red flashing clip on light mounted to my belt. I headed south through Juno town, avoiding sprinklers and feeling the humidity alongf with the 79 deg heat. I stopped at Donald Ross Rd for a pee break, only to knock my head hard on a weird branch that grows up and over a park bench. I thought about returning in the daylight to rid the rest of the beachgoers this menace, I know it’s in the way and plenty of people probably knock their forehead on this tree while using the bench.  It was supposed ot get cooler as 6am drew closer, the stretch of road on Singer Island along with the Juno area behind the tall condos had no breeze. Once on Singer Island where the road opens up to the water on the Munyon Island side I felt cooler breezes, By then I was very sweaty and looking for anything different besides dark road views. I brought an iPod shuffle and listened to the music in the dark while running Singer Island. My pace was slow, 9:30-9:45. I saw a helicopter combing the beach, from the south to the north right past me, then returning a half hour later when I ran by the Ocean Mall curve of A1-A. I made a men’s room pit stop at Phil Foster Park, I was there before most of the boaters! Running back was simialr, breezes every few minutes until JD MacArthur Park, then dead flat air and humid. Cars came up behind me once I got on the curve near Lost Tree Village, people heading to their Sunday workouts at 6 I presumed. Tropical Triathlon was today, many athletes would attend that over a Sunday ride or workout. Part of my not being excited about this run was knowing I’d have little interaction with other runners, no store group to meet up with, this would be lonely like my Georgia race. I ran up the NPB/PBG Us-1 stretch and then Juno Town Center and duck pond area. Now it started to get light out, I thought maybe I’d see friends waiting for daylight to start their ride from Loggerhead park – no luck. I cam e back up to my car, ate some of the sandwich, refilled the botles witht he scoops of powder and left north. I saw Meredith and Teresa running south, they were heading to the lulu store yoga class after their run. I started hatching the idea of running farther north instead of coming back to this point and going south to PGA one more time. I figured Jupiter Island would be more interesting, new road, cyclists to see and all. I did just that, running up past INdiantown Road, Circle K, Guana Buanas, the two bridges and the lighthouse. I took the sunrise picture from the US-1 bridge. That thunderstorm cloud stayed in front of the sun most of my run up and down the beach road. This was a great save for me, not having used sunscreen. I had thought out my route so I’d have the side of the road to hide behind Sea Grape trees when the sun got hot, but it wasn’t necessary. I ran up Jupiter Island to the end of the sidewalk and condos. That’s picture #2 – the sign for Jupiter Island where their police take over from Tequesta.


Running back a waved at a few cyclists I know and still enjoyed the shade from the clouds. I stopped at Coral Cove park for another pit stop. Not just serving as a bathroom break, which I could have done without, it was good to rinnse my face, put cold water in my handheld bottle, clean my sunglasses, yes this was a day to sweat. Running back over the bridges and onto beach road again, I saw and spoke with Dave Stone and Seth Kaufman. Then I ran to the Inlet park and was re-introduced to “Patch” at the fountain and bathrooms. He ran back faster than I did, so I was solo to Carlin Park. I met Darlene att he water stop on top of the hill, and ran with Darlene to the Bluffs. Then the last half mile was solo. I changed into a bathing suit, left all of my swaety run clothes behind and showered off at Marcinski Road. My legs felt good, only some annoyance on the outer bones of my right foot – a new feeling. I went to DD and chatted with Erin and another rider she was with. Good to be done, now I wanted to recover and eat. I knew John would be waiting for me to do something, he has an idea to get new run shoes at Fit2Run with a coupon I have. So maybe we’ll do that. long run done for Atlanta, a few hill workouts then make sure I have the right clothes and batteries packed for the race!

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