You know this

2000 yards. Not much memorable about swimming mostly alone in the pool today. The stalwart lady who’s always there was doing laps in the first lane. A big muscle guy did a few minutes of swimming in the center lane. I chose to swim where I normally do, the outer lane with two strips and one lane rope. I couldn’t figure out why the drawstring tie around my waist was flopping around as I swam. Then I noticed the swim shorts I was using were inside out. Wonderful to think what this would look like had anyone else seen them – the mini “crotch net” and seams all exposed – like that was normal! When I finished, an older man was getting ready to swim next to me. I climbed out of the pool and went for my towel, which was placed up next to the wall so my splashing and non-existent kick turns wouldn’t get it wet. He had a seeing eye dog with him, sitting nicely by the wall. I made no motion towards the dog or sounds to attract his attention. The man looked at me and said, “You know not to touch my dog, right?” Not wanting to say or start any incident with a comment like that as my lead-in, I merely replied, “Yes, I’m not touching the dog.” I picked up my towel and walked away.

I knew not to touch the dog after swimming indoors at LA Fitness from all of my previous encounters with blind swimmers mid week mornings. Wouldn’t you?

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