Koach Kara

6 mi. This week I had to scoot to john’s cross country meet early, like arrive in Boca Raton at 7:30 – 8:00 to take pics for the team. John was taking the ACT exam, so I crafted a plan to run in downtown WPB then head south to the CC meet. I would get to run, but it wouldn’t be for long. I arrived in front of Run & Roll just before 6am. I always get goofed on the parking rules down here, so I parked in the city-owned banyan lot for $1 for the first two hours. I was very glad to see Kara Weber coming out of the rest room in the store, there’s someone I can run with for at least part of my shortened workout. All workes out well when I discover she is also attending the meet and has to run quick, short and leave early, too!

We ran an abbreviated version of the Saturday Palm Beach route. Up the bridge under construction,  We ran the beach road until past the coutry club, then took a small street across the island to the Intracoastal. It was dark until just about when we found the water stop on the Lake Trail. We met another gal running north on the trail and also stopping for water at the bottles left by Bob and his group. We didn’t go fast, it was a good conversational pace, kinda what I needed being I will be racing next week. No injuries, no silly mistakes, stay healthy and save energy! We came back over the bridge and I retrurned to my car. I met Kara back at her apartment, how completely convenient to be able to use a real shower and get changed before huffing it down to South Coutny Regional Park. Thanks to Kara for the run and the use of the facilities!

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