Plenty of runners!

7 mi. I wasn’t first, but the minivan parked next to me wasn’t one I knew. I found Joe pulling in as I got ready to start the warmup – good thing! He always has stories and is good to laop the bridge with early. Lilia, Adrienne, Gary, John and Matt, Sharon Seabury, people kept showing up. Paul was there of course, he commented that,”One good 70s day and everyone wants to run on the bridge1″  He was right, except for the 70s part. Maybe 79, but that’s as low as the temp went. A good breeze from the east surprisingly made things very good up and over. Joe and I cleared a few screws and odd objects out of the road – don’t need friends to be stepping on those things. I wasn’t stressed at pace, I was happy to drink water every 2nd lap. Suzanne came and ran her laps solo. I was supposed ot wait for her but I couldn’t stay until she finished, I had started a few minutes late, bailed on the cool down mile and left after a brief chat with folks in the parking lot. I’d like to stay longer and run further, but reality bites hard at 6:12am. Another hill repeat workout done…

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