Chatting in the breeze

triathlon-graphic-300x1498 mi. Having missed last week’s hill run in exchange for a flatland timed run, I showed up on time and found Teresa pulling in same as me. She gave me a pin to relay to Jessica, and we waited for Joe and Teresa’s other swim buddy to start warmups. They did one lap, Joe and I did two. We did a comfortable pace for all 6 miles of hills, talking about Joe’s latest and past triathlons and LifeVantage. Teresa did her 5 laps and was off to masters swim, Lilia and Adrienne ran on the sidewalk, John and Matt did a fewe speedy laps and rested. No Paul today, we had a few randow guys running solo, the bridge workout has calmed down in popularity since the summer months. I’ve got one more of these left before IM Zurich. There are no hills on my run course in Europe. I will experience points in my race where my legs are heavy, so this training will be good.

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