Confidence builds

sunrise-juno-pier-dave-masteron80mi bike/one hour (6mi) run – Thwarted from a typical early start because I dropped John  off to be taken to run camp at FSU, I was leaving Loggerhead park alone at 7am. I rode to The tiki hut solo, then redesigned the route from 60 to 80 miles feeling that would be good for today’s ride and run. I had more Ezikiel bread/almond butter/orange preserves snacks, they worked even better this time. Knowing the bread is hard, I used extra spread to make them more moist and tasty – that worked well. I had extra carbo pro powder so when I stopped after 50 miles at the tiki station, I was ready for a fresh refill. This Carbo Pro had Accelerade in it, next week I switch to EFS mix with Carbo Pro. I used succeed pills as well, they could be making way for the Salt Stick pills as per a nice recommendation from Karen Paxton. It rained on me some in the Hutchinson Island area. On my two laps to the north bridge, I had wind from the east southeast in my face, wet roads that were dry 45 minutes later when I looped by again, and not much traffic. Judging how the ride started, with a Jupiter Lighthouse bridge UP, I was happy to see my fortunes had changed…

jupiter-bridge-up-dave-masterson The stop at the tiki was brief, when I was done I rode towards home after making a massage appt. for 1pm. Now I had a time to be back and run. I thought about my options and considered what i had with me in my car – another pair of shorts, yes. Clean shirt, sure. Shampoo and towel to shower at the park and go straight to the massage? Almost – no towel meant if I had to the fabric seat cover would be the substitute for the drying process.  The tiki hut has about three of these signs installed, I don’t rememeber a large rodent presence ever, but maybe later in the afternoons this becomes an issue…

raccoon-sign-dave-mastersonRiding home was what I had become used to – wind and a brief period of rain in the face. I passed Suzanne, Sal and Suzanne M. on the second bridge, they said they were going to stop at the golf course for drinks. With a new time restraint, I said I’d go ahead alone and make headway into the wind. I wanted to run 6 miles after ridning, so this had to be done quickly before the 1pm deadline. Riding back I felt strong and nurished, for a change! This was a good indicator of where my fitness is, race is three weeks away and my workouts are tapering. Lanae reportedly rode 100 and ran 26 this past weekend, she’ll be physically ready.

Back at the park after a climb against the wind home, I sprayed on more sunscreen and ran. I feel I hop off and scamper fast, that will have to change since I’ll be needing more energy in the final miles to finish strong. I took another salt pill, no gels and head away north. I stopped at Marcinski Rd, Turquoise roofs and Carlin Park for water. I ran in the sun north and along the barely-shaded sidewalk back south. I saw Jim and Linda Butler who recognized me on the sidewalk, they apparently thought I sprayed myself down with water to look sweaty while running. I learned this a few days later from Jim at work. I felt good on the run, knowing Zurich will not be as hot and plenty of aid stations along the way! I’ll get my gel ideas sorted with April before next weekend so I can practice with them, too. Very good workout, massage following was ok to loosen up – not much else to do but stay fit, healthy and safe before Switzerland.

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