A dozen as follow up

12 mi. Yesterday’s hundred miler was good – this is a run on tired legs follow up. Lanae and I started at Loggerhead Park and ran tot he INlet, back south to the Juno Beach police station and returned to the park. We started at a pedestrian 7am, no worries on the heat. We ran on the west, sunny side of the street then hid behind the cooler seagrape trees as the sun rose. No particular concern about pace, I know some were between 8-8:20 miles, fine with me. Many of our friends were biking, since we flipped our workout days we watched them return and join in on running. I’ll need a run gel solution for Zurich, I know the course has food but I’d like to bring some things I know are good for me in addition to sampling things on the course. It was warm, but the idea of being out for just under two hours was the clincher. That’s why I went. I will be running on tired legs for IM. I know how this feels, I will be ready!

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