Hot Gas

It wasn’t too many years ago that a 3-day weekend meant MORE time for runs, rides or an extreme showing of fitness.

I don’t think I’ve had that feeling in several years, however. I went with John to the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa on Saturday and Sunday. That was fun, but no workouts. There were no clouds in the sky any of the three days of the weekend, we were sun baked. I didn’t overdue eating or drinking, but Monday had my stomach and energy level way off the norm.

I came to the bridge glad this was not a week to run fast with sprints. This morning had high 70s temps, humidity, and barely any wind. I was noticeably slow on all 6 of the mile repeats. I ran with Jen, Maureen, Missy and their friend Juan. He is going for his first half marathon at A1A in February. I kept burping warm air while running, making my throat and chest feel “warm.” It’s a lousy feeling, coupled with trying to run up and down the hill. I’ll eat less than usual today and look to drink considerably more water this whole week. I don’t want to feel bloated and slow like that again.


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