8mi. I woke up at 1:40am. I stayed awake despite trying to sleep again, but no luck. At 2:40am, I figured if I was going to be awake “thinking,” then I might as well be running. So I flung back the covers and got dressed quickly to drive to the bridge.

I arrived at 2:55am with a sense of fatigue but a willingness to get this done, head home, shower and sleep again until I had to wake up. There was a west wind and temps of 66 degrees. I ran the warmup, them hit the bridge in the complete silence that 3:05am delivers. I was chilled and out of breath going up the first hill, but that changed going down. I counted out my laps, but admittedly, I was very tired. I knew I’d feel happy once done and I was right. I had a good pace and good thoughts of the A1A Marathon this weekend. I will lie low this week and prepare for that event, where temps are expected to be really favorable. Hopefully, this helps that effort.


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