St Anthony’s finishers and Suzanne, too.

8 mi. I met Walter at 4:55am on a breezy, 78 degree morning. Chiara was already in the cage ticking off laps. I’m surprised to see that so much of the south wall’s turquoise fence has been put up, maybe they’re embarrassingly behind schedule and working quick to get one side of the bridge fixed. Fine by me! Chelsea and Chris, an ex-lulu employee were ready to run when we started our 6 miles of hills, they stayed right in front of Walter and I the whole time. Adrienne came sans Lilia who was deservedly tired after the third place she earned at St Anthony’s on Sunday. Adrienne ran two laps with us before Suzanne showed up – after threatening to appear for four years, she made it and appreciated the hills as good run training. I saw John and Matt K running some laps fast, Gary and Randi and a few Core Fit folks doing their thing. It was good to talk with Paul about Laura’s upcoming Olympic Trials that he’ll be going out for in San Diego. I think she will blast thru and show well in her final bid to make the Olympics. That would be good for Paul, too! This run is good to get me talking about and focused on the local tri I signed up for. Now to incorporate some biking and swimming along the month I have to prepare.

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